About the Band

The Dirty Gentlemen is a 9 piece Swamp Pop, Soul and New Orleans Rhythm and Blues group that got together simply to play the music they like to dance to.

Guitarist and singer George Elliot discovered his passion for the music whilst recording in the swamps of louisiana with band ‘Scoundrels’. Here he got to meet and work with some of the pioneers of the genre and got the chance to soak up the sounds and rhythms of the bayou. On his return to london he realised the sounds that he fell in love with in the swamps were missing.

Gathering together a combination of old school bandmates and other talented blues loving musicians from london blues hub, ‘Ain’t nothing but the blues bar’ , The Dirty Gentlemen emerged out of the urban swamp and ploughed on with front room party style gigs. They have now moved into a warehouse in the depths of northeast London where they are building a large live in recording studio so that they can play from dawn till dusk. With a combination of gritty guitar, a sea of saxophones, a kicking rhythm section and heartfelt vocals from George as well as the formidable Phil Hughes, The Dirty Gentlemen have had an amazing year and a half of bringing this music to the ears of young and old music lovers who can’t help but feel good, stomp their feet and keep coming back for more deep fried music.

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